Jorge Alegre-Cebollada

He leads a research group at the National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) that studies how the elasticity of heart tissue adapts to the needs of the heart and what happens in diseases of the heart muscle in which that elasticity is defective. Jorge has extensive experience in basic research including a six-year postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University in New York. Jorge is interested in the problem of irreproducibility in science and its consequences for the continued social support of scientific enterprise.





Rubén Benito

Professor of Philosophy in Secondary School. He has combined this activity as a professor of philosophy at the University of Huelva and coaching, motivation and emotional postgraduate education in private universities and specialized schools. He graduated in Philosophy and Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ph.D. (DEA) and Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and NLP.






Juan B. Campagne Aguilera

He was a Physical Education teacher in Argentina in the infant, primary and secondary stages.
He is currently a Primary Education teacher at the Colegio Marista Castilla de Palencia, Spain. He is a member of the Centre of Philosophy for Children and collaborates in different initiatives of Ecologistas en Acción and the degrowth group “Hasta aquí hemos llegado”.







Félix García Moriyón (Coordinador)

Honorary Professor in the Department of Didactic Specific for the UAM. He has taught philosophy in secondary education and teaching of philosophy at the university for many years. Member of the Center for Philosophy for Children of Spain, has devoted a significant portion of his time to research on moral issues, including moral education.





Ignacio García Pedraza

Holds a Degree in Exact Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Ignacio has extensive training in education, human rights, community management and training of trainers, sectors that has been working over 15 years in contexts as diverse as Africa, the Middle East, South America and Central America. He is currently the Academic Coordinator of the International Institute for Nonviolent, NOVACT Action and member of the cooperative research, training and intervention eco-social Garua.




Javier González Vela

Degree in Physics by the UAM in the specialty of Fundamental Physics and Master in Systems and Communications Networks by the UPM. He has developed all his professional activity in the telecommunications sector, in functions of design and planning of IP networks, actively participating in the implementation and development of Internet infrastructures in Spain. For several years he has participated in philosophical dialogue workshops for adults.







María Rodríguez

Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Director of the Institute of Educational Sciences of the UAM. She was Director of the National Center for Educational Research and Innovation MECD. She has conducted research funded by national and international agencies, has numerous scientific publications and participation in conferences on learning processes, motivation and self-regulation processes, coaching education, teacher training.




Lucía Saínz Benitez de Lugo

Degree in Philosophy from the UCM and Diploma of Advanced Studies in the Department of Specific Didactic of the Faculty of Education of the UAM. For nine years he conducts workshops Philosophy for Children and Adults philosophical dialogue. It also conducts teacher training in philosophy for children. Currently also she works as a philosophical Psychedelic Advisor.





Ana Sanz Fuentes

Graduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology (specializing in Educational Psychology). Master in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (itinerary of Education for Equality) and Doctorate of Science and Culture (DEA). Specializing in Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ana has worked on models of rationality and decision making in scientific practice. Since 2012 she has dedicated her time to philosophical practice and philosophy for children. Ana also facilitates workshops philosophical practice makes individual philosophical queries and provides training for teachers.




Teresa Sanz

Economics and Statistics. Professor in the Department of Didactic Specific UAM, where she teaches among other things, the Teaching for Teaching Economics in Secondary. Researcher in Public Policy Education, Cultural Policy and Public Expenditure on Pensions and unemployment.






David Seiz Rodrigo

David Seiz Rodrigo. Doctor en Filosofía y Letras especialidad en Historia Moderna, profesor de Enseñanza Secundaria y miembro del Centro de Filosofía para Niños de España. Interesado en la Didáctica y la Organización Escolar ha colaborado en diferentes publicaciones dentro del campo de las Ciencias Sociales. Como formador ha participado en distintos cursos dedicados al aprendizaje dialógico y la didáctica de las ciencias sociales desde una perspectiva crítica.