We can distribute the work done since 2011 until now in three blocks:

  • Research to delve into the different problems related to the field of work of the Centre itself, paying special attention initially in a first step into the world of education, particularly higher education. We started with the work of some of its members in this area, but for the purpose of initiating a process of investigation.
    • Permanent seminar. The group maintains an ongoing seminar focusing each year on a specific topic.
      • Course 2011-12. Topic: Comentario del libro de Don Finkel. Book Review Don Finkel. Class give mouth shut.
      • Course 2012-13. Topic: Martha Nussbaum. Non profit. This seminar resulted in the publication of a paper entitled “The Role of the University”.
      • Course 2013-14. Moral problems at the university.
      • Course 2014-15. Troubleshooting
    • Address of research, conducted by undergraduate and graduate.
    • Individual and group publications in journals and books. We highlight the first by three members of the Centre, as the final result of a seminar: Moriyón García, F., Garcia Sanz, T. Lazarus Valley, JC: The function of the University. In philosophical dialogue, No. 88 (2014), 51-69.
  • Seminars and training courses for professionals: in this first stage we went only to people who work and study at the Autonomous University of Madrid, but with an eye to reach other groups in the future in different areas of work and various professional fields. We have consolidated an activity that, under the generic name conversatorio raises issues of concern trying to provide the resources necessary to detect moral problems, assess their significance and plan strategies for their solution. By the time we organized the following:
    • October 2012: As we try. UAM.
    • April 2013: Is dialogue in the classroom? UAM.
    • December 2013: Corruption in education. Guest speaker: Jesus Lizcano (UAM professor and chairman of Transparency International in Spain).
    • April 2014: The moral dimension of the teaching profession: access, practice, promotion. Francisco Marcellán Spanish. Professor, Dept. Of Mathematics of the Carlos III University of Madrid.
    • April 2015: Course of Humanities at the UAM, entitled Now what do I do? problem solving in different contexts. The course will include the participation of several experts outside the UAM.
  • Dissemination of the work done and contacts with institutions in Spain and abroad who work in a similar vein: participation in and organization of conferences, seminars, conferences … We started to be present in various areas of the university: students in seminars practices, presence in the University Program for the Elderly (PUMA)…